Welcome to the Morning Glory Teahouse...

I've been a certified Aromatherapist for over 12 years, and enjoy working with and creating pure botanical skincare products and perfumes. I have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies and asthma. I'm also very sensitive to synthetic fragrances, laundry detergents, commercial soaps and certain natural perfumes containing alcohol.

I use only the purest, highest quality ingredients to create my products, including wildcrafted, minimally-processed and certified organic whenever possible. My go-to sources for premium essential oils, absolutes and CO2 extracts are Eden Botanicals and White Lotus Aromatics. I also create my own plant or raw material infusions, which I incorporate into my perfumes. My botanical skincare products have a pleasant gourmand aroma, and they're full of hydrating, nourishing and healing botanical oils. My soaps are scented with pure essential oils, and colored naturally with botanical infusions.

My botanical perfume oils are multi-purpose and can also be used as a body moisturizer and hair serum. They're lovely when layered with my solid cream perfumes for an extra dimension of fragrance. They are lighter in aroma than my solid cream perfumes since they only contain a few main notes in the ingredients. They're like a bouquet of fresh flowers - uplifting, refreshing, calming; a little pick-me-up. They do need reapplied throughout the day to be enjoyed due to their pure form.

My solid cream perfumes are more concentrated since they contain many notes, extracts, and infusions in a base of organic golden jojoba oil, floral waxes and raw beeswax. These are hand-poured and can be purchased in little dark violet glass jars, mini compacts and perfume lockets. Depending on skin hydration and body chemistry, and since these do not contain any alcohol, synthetics or preservatives, these will also need reapplied throughout the day to be enjoyed.

Mini samples of perfumes and skincare products are available for purchase before committing to a larger size.

It's such a personal joy and unique experience to take your own botanical scent journey and discover how each scent unfolds on your skin over time. You may find you dislike a scent from first whiff out of the container, but once on your skin, you fall in love with it! You may also enjoy a scent from the jar, but once on your skin, it doesn't blend well with your skin chemistry. Each scent is unique and evokes emotions or memories. Find which scent you like best from the Fragrance Family list below, then by trying my perfume samples before purchasing a larger size. Purchasing my solid perfume sample sets are a great way to try various scents. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with layering different scents. You may discover a whole new pure plant fragrance that you adore! For example, Ambrosia Nectar layers beautifully with Petitgrain & Flowers or Dreamflower. Fleur de Cocoa lends a gorgeous depth to Cardamom Rose due to the chocolate note, and blends very well with Frangipani Citrus...chocolate and citrus fruit with tropical flowers - absolutely beautiful!

*** Below is a list of Fragrance Families to help you choose a scent:

FLORAL: Ambrosia Nectar, Cardamom Rose, Tuberose Oud, Fleur de Cocoa, Dreamflower, Yasamin, Neroli Gold, Tauriel

HERBACEOUS: Lúthien, Fairlie

SWEET: Ambrosia Nectar, Cardamom Rose, Fleur de Cocoa, Lúthien, Amber Gold, Tol Eressëa, Dreamflower, Yasamin, Neroli Gold, Tauriel

SPICY: Cardamom Rose, Frangipani Citrus, Neroli Gold

POWDERY: Tauriel, Cardamom Rose

GOURMAND: Fleur de Cocoa

FRUITY: Lúthien

CITRUS: Frangipani Citrus, Petitgrain & Flowers, Dreamflower, Yasamin, Neroli Gold

WOODY: Ambrosia Nectar, Tuberose Oud, Tol Eressëa, Dreamflower, Amber Gold

BALSAMIC: Amber Gold, Tol Eressëa, Dreamflower


EARTHY / GREEN: Petitgrain & Flowers, Lúthien, Tol Eressëa, Fairlie, Tauriel

MUSK / LEATHER: Frangipani Citrus, Tauriel

SMOKY: Tuberose Oud, Amber Gold

I also have a serious passion for treasure hunting, collecting vintage fabrics; dyeing pieces with natural plant dyes; altering a vintage pair of boots; creating lovely handbags; distressing leather; and handcrafting something beautiful out of a piece of wood. I have a huge antique collection of fabrics, crocheted lace, bullion trim, millinery flowers, buttons & brooches.

I'm drawn to the Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian Eras, and try to incorporate these, along with fresh bohemian styles, into my pieces. I prefer textures that are raw and tattered, rustic, and natural looking.

I'm a Christian and love my Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I'm greatly inspired by God, nature and history. I hope I can create something beautiful for you!

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